Transform your meetings with Airgram, the AI-powered assistant that boosts efficiency, collaboration, and integration with your favorite tools.

What is Airgram?

Airgram is an innovative meeting assistant that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance the productivity of meetings. Compatible with major conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, it offers a suite of features designed for real-time collaboration. Teams can develop shared meeting agendas, comment on transcripts, set action items, and access all meeting notes and decisions in one centralized location. Supporting multiple languages, Airgram is the perfect tool for diverse and global teams aiming to streamline their meeting processes.

Airgram - Transforming Meetings with AI-Powered Assistance

In an era where time is of the essence, and productivity is paramount, meetings can sometimes feel like a drain on both. Enter Airgram, an AI-powered meeting assistant designed to not only alleviate the administrative burden of meetings but to transform them into powerhouses of efficiency and collaboration. With its ability to automate recording, transcribing, and summarizing conversations in real-time, Airgram is revolutionizing how teams collaborate, make decisions, and share insights.

Key Features

  • Live Transcription: Offers real-time transcription in 8 languages, catering to global teams.
  • Meeting Recording: Provides high-quality video and audio recordings with timestamps for easy navigation.
  • Insights Sharing: Utilizes AI to create shareable video snippets and extract summaries from transcriptions.
  • Team Collaboration: Features an integrated Notepad for note-taking, commenting, and agenda setting.
  • Integration: Seamlessly connects with popular tools like Notion, Slack, and Google Docs, enhancing workflow efficiency.
Use Cases


  • Significantly improves meeting efficiency by automating summarization and action item tracking.
  • Supports a wide range of languages, making it ideal for multilingual environments.
  • Simplifies the sharing of key meeting insights with easy-to-create video snippets.
  • Integrates with a variety of apps to facilitate the organization and sharing of meeting information.


  • Compatibility issues with certain conferencing tools and devices may arise.
  • Transcriptions and recordings may not always be 100% accurate or private.
  • Requires a stable internet connection and sufficient storage space for optimal use.
  • Complex or technical terminology may not be transcribed accurately.

Pricing Plan

  • Free Plan: Basic features with limitations on call duration and integrations.
  • Plus Plan: At $18 per user per month, this plan offers unlimited meeting records, AI-powered summaries, and advanced features for enhanced meeting productivity.

Airgram stands out as a vital tool for professionals and teams looking to maximize meeting productivity. By addressing common meeting inefficiencies with AI-powered solutions, it offers a streamlined, efficient, and collaborative meeting experience. Whether for in-person or virtual meetings, across various industries or multilingual teams, Airgram provides the tools needed to enhance decision-making, collaboration, and insight sharing.


How does Airgram improve meeting productivity?

By automating transcription, summarization, and action item tracking, saving valuable time and enhancing collaboration.

Can Airgram integrate with project management and CRM tools?

Yes, it integrates with tools like Notion, Slack, and HubSpot, streamlining workflows.

What languages does Airgram support for transcription?

Supports 8 languages including English, German, and Japanese, catering to diverse teams.

Can Airgram be used for both in-person and virtual meetings?

It is designed for both, capturing and transcribing discussions from various sources.

Is there a free version of Airgram available?

A free plan is available, offering basic features with certain limitations.
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