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I embarked on a project to revolutionize Aludra Estates' online presence after they faced challenges with a previous service provider's restrictive system, which hindered their ability to make timely updates and adjustments.

Understanding the critical need for flexibility and efficiency, I developed a brand-new website on Webflow, focusing on seamless usability and comprehensive CMS integration.

Challenges and Solutions

Innovative Webflow Platform:
I designed and developed Aludra Estates' website with the goal of overcoming the limitations of their previous system. By choosing Webflow, I provided them with a robust, intuitive platform that offers the flexibility to make instant updates and modifications, ensuring their website remains dynamic and engaging.

Deep CMS Integration:
Understanding the diverse needs of a real estate business, I implemented more than five mega CMS systems, allowing for intricate connections between agents, properties, blog sections, and more. This deep integration ensures that all parts of the website communicate effectively, providing a cohesive and user-friendly experience.

Seamless HubSpot Automation:
A key achievement was the seamless integration of HubSpot, automating many of the CRM tasks and ensuring efficient lead management and customer engagement. This automation bridges the gap between their website and CRM system, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity.

Empowering the Team:
A pivotal part of this project was empowering Aludra Estates' team with the knowledge and tools to manage their website independently. By training them on the Webflow platform, I ensured they could easily upload new content, manage property listings, and update agent profiles, fostering a sense of ownership and reducing dependency on external help.


Brand New Web Design

Webflow Development

SEO Migration

Comprehensive CMS

HubSpot Integration

Google Analytics and Campaign Tags

Training for Aludra Estates' Team

Results and Growth
The transformation of Aludra Estates' online presence has been profound. The new website not only improved operational efficiency but also enhanced user engagement, leading to an increase in traffic and, importantly, maintaining it during the SEO migration phase. The integration of comprehensive CMS and HubSpot has revolutionized how Aludra Estates manages content and interacts with clients, setting a new standard for their online operations.
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