ARCHIDETS. is a groundbreaking project by Omid Saffari that paved the way for his transition from pursuing a master's degree in architecture to following his dreams in online businesses and entrepreneurship. ARCHIDETS. is a sophisticated prototype with an elegant design, featuring an influential SEO-optimized blog and news system that showcases Omid's passion for both architecture and digital innovation.

Challenges and Solutions

Elegant Design: ArchiDets showcases a sleek and modern design, reflecting Omid's architectural background and emphasizing visual harmony and user experience.

Powerful Blog and News System: The platform integrates a full SEO-optimized blog and news system, allowing users to stay up-to-date on the latest architectural trends and insights.

Responsive Web Design: ArchiDets is built with a responsive design, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across various devices and screen sizes.

Content Strategy and Curation: The project incorporates a well-crafted content strategy, featuring engaging and informative articles on architecture, design, and the digital world.

InfluentialSEO Optimization ArchiDets employs effective SEO techniques to boost online visibility, driving organic traffic and expanding its reach to a broader audience.


Brand Identity

Website Design

Shopify Development

Dropshipping Automation

Payment Setup

Email Marketing

Social Media Management

Blog Content Manager

Results and Growth

ARCHIDETS. marked a significant turning point in Omid Saffari's career, as it:

Demonstrated Omid's ability to combine his architectural background with his passion for web design and digital innovation.

Opened new opportunities for Omid to explore the world of online businesses and entrepreneurial ventures.

It served as a testament to Omid's dedication to pursuing his dreams and his determination to succeed in the digital realm.

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