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FABGAL PUNK is a distinctive online punk and gothic clothing store that presents a diverse selection of edgy and affordable fashion items.

With a blend of rebellious styles and dark aesthetics, the brand focuses on delivering exceptional customer service, prompt shipping within the US, and seamless integration with social media platforms.

Challenges and Solutions

E-commerce Platform: Designed an eye-catching, modern, and easy-to-navigate website that displays the eclectic range of punk and gothic clothing while capturing the essence of FabGal Punk's unique brand identity.

Product Organization and Inventory Management: Implemented user-friendly navigation and efficient inventory management processes to ensure accurate stock levels and real-time product availability for customers.

Social Media and Sales Channels Integration: Flawlessly integrated the online store with Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy, enabling the client to engage a wider audience and streamline their sales process across multiple channels.

Email Marketing and Affiliate Programs: Set up comprehensive MailerLite email marketing campaigns and created a blog section with affiliate links to prominent punk and gothic clothing designers, generating additional revenue streams for the client.

Analytics Tools, Payment Systems, and Marketing Pixels: Integrated analytics tools, marketing pixels, and secure payment systems to enable the client to track performance, optimize their marketing efforts, and provide a secure shopping experience.


Brand Identity

Website Design

Shopify Development

Dropshipping Automation

Payment Setup

Email Marketing

Social Media Management

Results and Growth

FABGAL PUNK has experienced remarkable growth as a result of the skillfully executed deliverables and focused marketing strategy:

The website witnessed a substantial increase in organic traffic, attracting more potential customers and significantly expanding the brand's online presence.
The surge in traffic, combined with an optimized shopping experience, led to a notable increase in sales for FabGal Punk, reflecting the success of our design and marketing efforts in driving conversions and revenue growth.
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