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LEAD34 is a cutting-edge media agency founded by Kambiz Akhbari, a well-known personality in the Persian social media community and YouTube.

As an exceptional artist, photographer, and videographer, Kambiz established his legacy media agency in Istanbul. Omid Saffari was tasked with designing and developing the company website, incorporating a unique slider functionality and ensuring a fast, smooth user experience.

Challenges and Solutions

Innovative Slider Function: The website showcases a one-of-a-kind slider feature that highlights Kambiz Akhbari's exceptional photography and videography work in a compelling manner.

Responsive Web Design: Lead34's website is built with a responsive design, ensuring seamless navigation and user experience across various devices and screen sizes.

An elegant Aesthetics: The website incorporates a visually appealing design that reflects Kambiz Akhbari's artistic sensibilities and the sophisticated brand identity of Lead34.

Fast Performance: Optimized for speed, the website delivers a smooth browsing experience, enabling users to explore the content without any delays or interruptions.

Portfolio Showcase: The website features a comprehensive portfolio section that displays Kambiz Akhbari's stunning photography and videography work, demonstrating the agency's capabilities and expertise.


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